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The sale of electronic cigarettes and related nicotine products are intended for only adult smokers over the age of 18 through this site.


 Did You Know?

Did you know that one electronic cigarette filter is equivalent to 2 1/2 packs of cigarettes? 


Did you know you only need 3 -5 drops of liquid nicotine to refill your empty filter? 


Did you know that you could put one drop of liquid nicotine on the atomizer for a more robust throat hit? Although, this technique is not always recommended since your atomizer is delicate piece of equipment.  Though some users do and commonly refer to it as dripping. 


Would you call it smoking or vaping?  Most electronic cigarette users refer to it as vaping.  Why, because the term smoking is denoted by the smoke exhaled from the user of the traditional cigarette.  Whereas electronic cigarette reviews prefer to use the term vaping, since vapor is what actually is exhaled, not smoke. 


What are the terms commonly used with liquid nicotine and electronic cigarettes?

Atomizer - The portion of an electronic cigarette that heats the liquid nicotine into a vapor, eliminating the use of matches or lighters. 

Battery - The part of the e cig "stick" hardware that actully contains that battery.  This portion of the e cig screws into the charger for recharging.  Having a fresh battery is key to taste, smell, and overall e cig experience.  Otherwise you may experience a burn taste that destroys the eliquid flavor. 

Cart, Cartridge - A moulded plastic cartridge containing polyester filling material and liquid nicotine for an electronic cigarette. A blank cart is one with only filling material, and no e liquid. Refilling your cartridge with e liquid is an inexpensive solution to buying more cartridges. 
Drip, Dripping - Actually taking one or two drops of liquid nicotine and applying it directly onto the atomizer for a more robust throat hit.  This techniquie is strongly advises against practicing.   
E liquid - The liquid used in electronic cigarettes that contains distilled water, flavoring.  Nicotine may or may not be included. E liquid is used to refill electronic cigarette cartridges, also refered to as liquid nicotine, electronic cigarette liquid, e juice, e cig liquid, smoke juice, and/or variations of the previously mentioned names. A host of non-nicotine formulas exist from energy booster to kratom to simply flavored ejuice void of nicotine. 
Formula(s) - Formula refers to the eliquid base containing either VG - Vegetable Glycerine, PG - Propylene Glycol (Food Grade), and/or a combination of both.  Formula
variations differ from company to company.  Most of which are identifiable by percentage.  Premium Liquid Nicotine TM offers three standard e liquid formulas, include 100%VG, 100%PG and 70%VG/30%PG.


Nicotine -  Nicotine, a colorless, oily, water - soluble subtance naturally found in tobacco,    C 1 0 H 1 4 N 2.   In it's purest form nicotine is highly toxic, in small doeses it acts a stimulant, much like cafeine.  Just as cafeine can be addictive, so can nicotine.  E liquids for electronic cigarettes may or may not contain nicotine.  Most manufactures offer non - nicotine e l iquid formulations.


PG, Propylene Glycol - Propylene Glycol, or PG, (Food Grade) is used as a base in the formulation of e liquid.  PG takes well to flavoring and although it does produce some vapor it is recognized for the "throat hit" simulation of a traditional cigarette.  This ingrediant is on the FDA's list of substances generally recognized as safe, and is commonly  used as a preservative in many food items.


VG, Vegetable Glycerine - Vegetable Glycerine , or VG (Food Grade) is used as a base in the formulation of e liquid.  VG is a thicker substance that PG and many users report it lasts longer.  This indgrediant is creates a signifigant amount of vapor.
Vaping - Using The term commonly used by electronic cigarette users; refering to the vapor mist when exhaled by the user.  In essence it is the alternative to smoking.


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Premium Liquid Nicotine

E liquid Made in the U.S.A.

Premium Liquid Nicotine TM is rooted in providing quality e liquids at affordable prices. We carry over 40 flavors and seven standard nicotine levels ranging from 0mg (made with absolutely no nicotine), 6mg, 12mg, 16mg, 20mg, 24mg, and 36mg. Premium Liquid Nicotine TM is one of the top liquid nicotine retailers in America.  In addition, we are one of a small group of USA wholesale manufacturers for liquid nicotine. 

Liquid Nicotine is also known as eliquid/e-liquid, e liquid, ejuice/e-juice, esmoke/e-smoke, electronic cigarette liquid, liquid nicotine vapor, smoke juice or combination thereof. Our liquid nicotine original formula uses pure nicotine from tobacco plants, FDA Certified 100% Pure Vegetable Glycerin base, 100% Certified Kosher Flavorings, and distilled water.  We also can produce a liquid nicotine formula using 30% Food Grade Kosher Propylene Glycol/70% Vegetable Glycerin.  Due to high demand we now carry a 100% Food Grade Propylene Glycol.  Check your labels and ask questions to be sure you are using  food grade based e liquid!  

Our Premium Liquid Nicotine TM has an outstanding vapor, because it is made with vegetable glycerin.  Premium Liquid Nicotine TM tastes better, lasts longer and produces a significantly more robust and satisfying vapor than any other liquid nicotine e liquid on the market today. Premium Liquid Nicotine TM original formula does not contain any glycol of any type nor does it contain any of the four thousand deathly harmful chemicals, poisonous gases, and heavy metals present in tobacco cigarettes. Our Premium Liquid Nicotine TM formula does contain minute traces of all natural nitrosamines. Nitrosamines are naturally occurring carcinogenic elements found in various foods, fruits and vegetables; especially beer, bacon, tomatoes, fish, cheese, salt, and all plants containing nicotine, and they cannot be removed.

The very same carcinogens are also found at varying levels, in pharmaceutical Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) products, including NicoretteĀ® gum as well as NicotrolĀ® and NicodermĀ® CQ patches and inhalers, and tremendously high levels in tobacco cigarettes. In fact, the level of nitrosamines in our Premium Liquid Nicotine TM is actually less than levels found in the pharmaceutical nicotine replacement products. You can now choose from our three formula types:  100% VG (original), 100% PG (propylene glycol - food grade), and 70%VG/30%PG.  The propylene glycol mix provides users an additional "throat hit", simulating a regular cigarette sensation. 

Our product replaces the use of traditional cigarettes; costing less while satisfying both the physical and mental addiction to smoking traditional cigarettes.  Premium Liquid Nicotine TM helps to eliminate replacing electronic cigarette filters.  Each 1oz bottle of liquid nicotine can refill your cigarette cartridges more than 120 times, the equivalent of more than 80 packs (8 cartons) of cigarettes, for less than twenty dollars. Saving you money.  No more trips to the store just to get a pack of cigarettes.  We deliver directly to you by U.S. Mail - First Class and Priority Shipping (free of charge) and for large wholesale orders by UPS, FedEX or DHL which saves you more time to enjoy your smoke free, tar free, stain free e liquid. 


Premium Liquid Nicotine TM Ranks Supreme!!  Making smoking sexy again... no more yellow stained teeth, no more ash tray aroma, no more tar, no more second hand smoke. Join the wave and order your

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Reviews of E Cigarettes

Canadians View ~ Contriversal Yet, Life Changing 

It's interesting to see how the electronic cigarette is viewed in other places besides the U.S.  Smoking in bars in Canada is now prohibited, however there are no laws banning the use of electronic cigarettes as it does not contain tobacco and does not give off second - hand smoke, a negative drawback of smoking traditional cigarettes in public.  Smoking in general is a personal choice and with the ever present risks of smoking traditonal cigarettes, banning smoking in public areas are increasing, making electronic cigarettes a more viable option.   


 So, What is an Electronic Cigarette Anyway?

An Electronic Cigarette is a battery-powered device that has the same appearance in size and shape of a traditional cigarette. 

The cartridge is filled with an e liquid solution that may or may not contain nicotine. When inhaled it provides a dosage of nicotine or non-nicotine solution.  When exhaled the ending result is a water vapor mist.  This mist is the simulation of smoke, without the second - hand cancer causing elements, nor the first - hand carcinogens.  Electronic cigarettes or e cigs are used as an alternative to smoking tobacco products, more specifically traditional cigarettes. In addition to nicotine delivery, the vapor also provides a flavor and physical sensation similar to that of tobacco smoke, although there is no tobacco, combustion or smoke actually present.  The exhaled vapor mist coins the term vaping the parallel term to smoking.

How Does Vaping Work Exactly?

The use of electronic cigarettes is the act known as vaping (short for vaporization). Vaping is an alternative to smoking cigarettes that is less expensive and less offensive to those around you. Because e-cigarettes often do not look like traditional cigarettes, and do not emit smoke, many prefer to call these devices Personal Vaporizers, PVs, or Vaporizers.

Instead of being lit, a PV uses a battery to heat a burner (atomizer) to vaporize a solution of water, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavoring & nicotine. Nicotine strengths generally range from 24mg down to 0mg.  36mg is super strong and is always recommended to be diluted prior to vaping.  Flavors
 are also optional, ranging from traditional tobacco, menthol, to non-traditional sweet, savory, candy, or spicy flavors with or without nicotine.  Some non - nicotine formulas include relaxation formulas, weight loss formulas, energy formulas, and regular e liquid formulas. 

Vaporizers have not yet been approved by the FDA as a smoking cessation device. However, the main ingredients, with the exception of nicotine, are on the FDA's list of substances generally recognized as safe. 
Most electronic cigarettes are reusable with rechargeable lithium ion batteries and replacement or refillable cartridges or cartomizers..


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